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•  Instant verification of
    benefit and eligibility information

•  Access to most payer
    connections in the industry

•  Corrected and verified
    patient information

•  Low Cost Claim Processing

•  Flexible Claims Submission

•  HIPAA Compliant Solution
All Payer Exchange’s web-based claim processing system can connect most practice management systems (PMS) to both regional payers and national networks in a HIPAA-compliant environment, at the lowest cost available.


All Payer Exchange is a simple, reliable online patient scheduling solution. The Scheduler feature includes on-the-spot eligibility checks. Online Scheduler eliminates the need of being available on the phone for appointments and eligibility checks. Patients can view the availability of their physician and schedule their own appointment by selecting an available time slot. This service helps physicians and receptionists to spend more time taking care of patients and delivering quality treatment. All Payer Exchange allows patients to set up appointments during or after hours, weekends. It’s a free service for both physicians and patients.

Let your patients know that they can set up appointments online. Please print this Standard PDF to display in your front office.

•    Submit all payers claim

•    Revenue Cycle Management

•    Professional and Institutional

•    Eligibility, Claim Status, ERA

•    Electronic Health Records

•    Full hardware and software 24/7 support

•    Appointment Scheduler

•    Online Prescriptions

•    Interactive Dashboard

•    Clinic Level Access

All Payer Exchange REPORTING™

All Payer Exchange can decrease processing costs, handling costs, with increased completeness, timelines, and accuracy of data. All Payer Exchange helps with Data Analysis, Pay for Performance, HEDIS, and HCC reporting in real time.

The “Pay for Performance" (P4P) initiative has brought new focus on physician group quality. Health plans pay more than $50 million in bonuses to 225 IPA and medical groups in California. P4P has opened up new market in health care information technology.

Claims Data Reporting
All Payer Exchange automatically allows claims data to be reported to health plans. Artificial intelligence
   software will automatically fill in missing data.

Lab Results
All Payer Exchange integrated tools will allow for the transmission of lab results to patients, medical
    groups and health plans. All Payer Exchange also checks for missing encounter data.

Pharmacy Data
All Payer Exchange integrates crucial pharmacy data with convenience and clarity.

These three features provide great value to the health care profession.
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