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•  Custom Claim Data Reports

•  Submit ERA to Providers

•  Electronic Patient Statement

•  Provide Claim Status
    and Eligibility

•  Authorization

•  Submitter Management Tools

•  Define Multiple Administrator

For healthcare entities requiring a higher level of functionality, All Payer Exchange offers All Payer Exchange Payers™, which enables healthcare entities such as multi-location Providers, Medical Groups and Billing Services to easily manage connectivity to their provider, submitter and payer constituent, and even have a private–labeled all–payer claims solution for their affiliates, should they desire it. This allows any payers to be HIPAA transactional compliance overnight.

• Private Labeled "All-Payer" Claim & Encounter Solution – Name recognition and
  branding for customers’ organization

• Submitter Management Tools – Registration and account management

• Custom Claim Data Reports – View customers’ data in a manner that meets customers’
  specific business requirements

• Multi–User Capability – Define multiple administrator roles

• Secure e–Mail – Communicate with customers’ affiliates in an efficient, secure manner

• Free roster Data Storage/warehousing

• Submit ERA to Providers

• Electronic Attachment

• Free electronic Patient Statement

• Receive claims and encounters

• Provide Claim Status and Eligibility

• Free Authorization
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